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There has been a lot of attention on Hawaii leaders who have spoken out against House Bill 444 and civil unions.  I’d like to draw attention to a great proponent of gay rights, Congressman Neil Abercrombie. Although he was in Washington D.C. at the time of the hearing, Congressman Abercrombie submitted testimony in support of HB444.

In his testimony Representative Abercrombie writes, “This bill offers homosexuals equality under the law and ensures basic human rights.”

“The gay and lesbian citizens of Hawaii are good citizens; they pay taxes and follow laws.  It is shameful that while they must give their equal share to the government, the government will not give them equal protection.”

Mr. Abercrombie’s statements highlight one of the strongest arguments for the passage of House Bill 444, we are all citizens of this great country and we all deserve equal protection under the law.

Suze Orman made a great point about the protection marriage affords couples financially.  That protection should not be an exclusive right of heterosexual couples.  Watch Suze Orman’s Valentine’s Day Wish on YouTube.

Thank you, Congressman Neil Abercrombie.

Thank you, Suze Orman.


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