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Wayne Cordeiro of New Hope Christian Fellowship misleads his congregation.  In an address to his follower, Cordeiro makes statements of far reaching, damaging consequences.  All in one speech he accuses a Rabbi of not knowing his scriptures, supports discrimination, and suggests that we register gay people so they don’t teach his kids P.E.  This is one of the most insulting, degrading, and anti-American speeches I have ever heard.   Speaking about House Bill 444 and civil unions, this is some of what Mr. Cordeiro had to say:

One of the things that is really tough on this is when we as Christian, or believers in God, concede to this stuff. It was at the testimony that several Christians got up and said, “What’s wrong with that, that’s cool.” If you’re too cool for God, you’re too cool.

“And a Rabbi of a local synagogue stood up, a Rabbi, now, Old Testament old school scholars. Here, and I quote, “I believe family life is strengthened when publically validated commitments, such as civil unions, exist between partners.” He continued, “Sacred covenants in churches and synagogues should not be limited only to heterosexual couples.” This is a Rabbi. Then he said, and this is all verbatim, “The state of Hawaii must not sacrifice our families and our children on the alter of ideologies that disguise themselves as religious faith.” He must not have read his own scriptures, Leviticus 18:22 that says Do not lie with another man as a man lies with another woman for it will be an abomination to the Lord and it will defile your land.” I know his scriptures better than he does. But he stood up and gave testimony. So what happens when we as Christians or believing people concede to these things it messes everybody else. Because they think, well if the leaders don’t know then [it] must be okay. We can’t do that.

“Let me tell you one thing. This is just one of the many things that will happen. Because you have to think, if this thing goes through what will happen. There will be protection for same-sex couple. They say, “What’s wrong with that.” They say, “God made us this way.” Right? That’s what they say, “God made us this way. We can’t help it.” Okay, so if it’s a homosexual couple, two men, this man has the same feelings that a heterosexual guy has for a woman, the hormones start going or whatever, this guy has for a man. Understand? If that’s the way God made him, then I’m just saying, theoretically, he will have the same hormonal rush for another man that a heterosexual has for a lady. If we give this [an] okay and it’s protected. Will you allow that man, who has a rush when he sees another man that he likes, he will now be the P.E. teacher of your son. It’s like allowing a man to go into a woman’s shower room, when the high school girls are showering, and if a man is there, he’s going to have emotional struggles, because the hormones are going to be pumping in him. Well, if you take that same person that gets that not from women, but from other men, that’s P.E. teacher. Now, what’s going to happen? What about a lesbian teacher going in the same hotel room with her teammates as they travel? She’s got the same feelings now for the ladies, God made me that way. Now, what are we going to do? It’s like having some guy take your daughter on a basketball trip and he staying in the same hotel room. So is that okay?

“If it really is God made, we’ll have to register all the gay people so it will make sure they don’t teach P.E. to my kids. Because God made you that way. Do you understand the ramifications that we have to think through? It’s crazy.

We need to be able to have appropriate discrimination. Because if you have no discriminatory ability, then you have no wisdom. So if they say, “No discrimination,” you’re in trouble.”

His suggestion that all homosexuals have inappropriate feelings toward children is disgustingly bigoted.  Homosexuals share the same level of professionalism and conduct as heterosexual individuals.  By his thinking, heterosexuals are incapable of  dealing with children of the opposite sex.

What I found most disturbing, was his suggestion that we will need to register all of the gay people.  I’m not sure how this relates to civil unions, besides being an attempt to scare his congregation into opposing HB444.  How will civil unions lead gay people to take jobs to abuse our youth?

Let people think for themselves.  I have friends and family members who attend New Hope’s services.  They are very smart, and clear thinking.  I’m sure the congregation of New Hope is filled with great minds.  Why do they need convincing?  Is he afraid that maybe some will see that same-sex couples deserve the same rights as other members of our community?

“Appropriate discrimination.”  Isn’t that oxymoronic?  I didn’t know there were still people around that actually supported discrimination in any form.  Thank you Wayne Cordeiro for enlightening me.

Mr. Cordeiro you are fostering hate in a world that in dire need of more compassion and cooperation.  Your backward thinking and scare tactics only harm this loving place that is our home.  I hope the people of Hawaii can rise above your dangerous message of hate.


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