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I want address a phrase that has been used numerous times by opponents of both HB444 and gay rights.  (I make no distinction between those who oppose civil unions or same-sex marriage and those who broadly oppose gay rights.)

“We have evidence after evidence about the medical dangers of a homosexual lifestyle.” –Gary Okino

I can only assume, by that bigoted statement, that Mr. Okino was referring to a promiscuous lifestyle of unprotected sex and drug use.  While I’m sure there are homosexuals who live this way there are also heterosexuals who also live a life of promiscuity and risky behavior.

Has anyone from the same school of thought ever took a step back from their hot headed, quick-to-fire arguments and really examined the issues of a “homosexual lifestyle?”  Perhaps if homosexuals were given the ability to sanction their relationships, perhaps through civil unions, they would then have an instrument to form a family with someone they love?  After all, isn’t family the foundation of our society?

Despite being barred by law to marry, there are homosexual couples who don’t live lives of promiscuity and illicit drug use, and are monogamous.  There are homosexuals who want to commit to live a life with one and only one other person.  If that other person happens to be of the same gender, how does that harm our community?

The “homosexual lifestyle” of which Gary Okino and Mike Gabbard would have you think, is not isolated to the homosexual community alone.  As in the heterosexual community, homosexuals lead lives in many different ways.  Stereotyping the entire gay community to further discriminatory ideals is very dangerous, especially coming from leaders in our community who know better or who should know better.


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