If you haven’t heard already, the motion to recall House Bill 444 (the civil unions bill) failed today.  Although, it is hard to heart, there is still hope.  Senators, Jill Tokuda in particular, voiced heartfelt support for the bill while at the same time voted against recalling the bill from committee.  Sen. Tokuda argued that the process is important, and I do agree with her on that issue.  Thank you Sen. Tokuda.

What I found most hurtful was the people in the gallery who erupted into uncontrollable cheering and applause everytime a senator spoke in opposition to the bill.  It was clear that Senate President Colleen Hanabusa was not happy with the uproars as she tried her best the quell the mob-like crowd, dressed in red, that took over the gallery.  You would think a bunch of church-going, bible-toting, religious zealots would be more respectful.  Shame on them!

It’s hard to try to go on when you feel so defeated.  Hawaii is better than this though.  We will get through this tough time.  We need to respectfully voice our support of equal rights for all.  I think supporters of HB444 can safely say that we have been respectful of the process and everyone involved.  Lets not stoop to the level of the mob in red and get vicious.  We need to unite in peaceful solidarity and let our representatives know where we stand on the important issue of equal rights.

Get involved.  Write your representatives.  Keep up with the issues.  Be active in our political process.

Stay strong!