The Honolulu Advertiser recently ran a story entitled “Members of clergy voice support for civil unions bill” it can be found online here:

Although the Advertiser’s coverage of House Bill 444 and civil unions has been really biased (in favor of those opposing civil unions), it was nice to see the article receive some much needed attention.  I just wanted to share two comments that were left in the comments section of this story and really hit the point home.

ludge wrote:
Speaking as a minister, I offer this: Freedom of religion includes freedom from religion. Trying to impose “God’s will” on what is a civil matter violates that simple principle and constitutional right. As to the imposition of what some will have as being “God’s will”, do the ones who claim this have some inside track as to what is in His plan? He bestowed on us free will and it is up to us as individuals to make the decisions we do. Of course, if you believe in pre-destination then you’re basically screwed because the unions you so fervently would deny are in His plan and there’s nothing you can do about it. In either case, accept that your will is not God’s will and He can do whatever He pleases.
hilohaole wrote:
If you are forbidding me from marrying the person I love (unless of course the State has a compelling interest in doing so), you are denying me the right to pursue of happyness, as recognized by the US Supreme Court and guaranteed by US Declaration of Independence.And no, I am not suggesting a revolution. That is your rethoric answer, that does not bring any contribution to the discussion. I quoted Lincoln literally, hoping you would understand the spirit of his words, not the literal meaning.Finally, and I say this from my own personal experience, sexual orientation, in the vast majority of cases, cannot be changed. If you saying I am a liar, well.. thanks. In that case I am asking you: do you think you could change your heterosexuality and live a fullfilling sexual and marital relation with a person of your same sex?
03/24/2009 10:58:44 a.m.
Thank you both!