I started this blog after watching emotional testimony at a hearing on HB444, the bill that would give same-sex couples the same benefits afforded to married couples through the legalization of Civil Unions.

I watched as people of different upbringings, different ages, and different backgrounds testified before the Senate Judiciary and Government Operations Committee.  People on both sides of the issue came out swinging, with sharp language and emotional pleas.  A recurring theme throughout testimony in opposition was religious beliefs.  A point I will address in length in a later post.

I am not going to say that I am netural on the issue.  As the title of my blog should imply, I fully support gay rights and equal treatment for same-sex couples.  I applaud all those who bravely testified in support of HB444.  I was especially moved by the young people who made their way to the podium to testify.  It takes courage to stand up and speak, espcially after you hear parents and community leaders so carelessly trample the very rights of which you are speaking in support.

We hope to bring some much needed attention to those who support the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender members of our community.  We invite everyone to respectfully join our discussion.  If you want to share something with the readers, please contact us via email: equalityhawaii@gmail.com


Equality Hawaii